I don’t like frogging

I’ve just finished frogging my third abandoned project in about a week, it’s so depressing.  They were all projects that I really liked the look of but was a little unsure of how it would turn out.  1 pair of slipper socks, a newborn sleep cocoon and a hat for my almost 2-year-old niece.  The hat, and a scarf, I managed to rescue – I’d started with a limited amount of yarn and was determined to make it work, I was so happy it turned out well 🙂  I made a few adjustments to a favourite pattern and it’s worked out great.  For the others, well I’m back to trawling through Ravelry, trying to find something that will either be perfect or I can adapt for what I want.

I guess part of the frustration comes from trying to use up all the yarn I already have.  We’ve all done it, taken a liking to a yarn we’ve seen because of the colour/price/it’s sooo soft!  I have quite a few bits of yarn of different weights, colours, etc. none of which, at first glance, look as if they would go together if they mix them.  And what do I make?  With the holidays gradually getting nearer (the start of Autumn being a stark reminder), I’ve been trying to find gift ideas for people and wondering if I’m going to have the time to make everything.  I need to make a list…..


This week’s (almost finished) project

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