A welcome break and plans for the holidays

DP’s sister is moving in with her boyfriend at the end of the month, and she’s so super organised that she’s bought everything they need for their need apartment – we kept asking what we could buy as a housewarming gift, but there’s nothing else she needs… So I decided to make her something home-made that she couldn’t buy – I’m making her a multi-coloured lap blanket following a pattern from Ravelry –


So far I have 8 different colours to use, and I’m getting 10 squares per ball of yarn.  I’ve got a huge stash of grey that I can use to fill the gaps.  Thanks to having all those lovely distractions like grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, it had taken me a week just to make about 8 or 9 squares, it felt like this would take forever.  But then we had a weekend away planned, visiting friends in Paris for their birthdays party (his and her birthdays are only 2 days apart), so I took 2 balls of yarn and my hook and carried on crocheting in the car.  It was a lovely weekend, we even had some time to have a walk around the city and the weather was just perfect, it felt more like late Summer than Autumn.  I was a little worried at first that I wouldn’t have many people to talk to at the party, but luckily there were more than just our core circle of friends that were able to speak English; it was nice to feel part of the group for a change.

Back in the car I was amazed at how much I was able to get through without other distractions!  It got me thinking that, on our return, I would set up a space in our spare room to crochet; no laptop, no TV… just me, the radio and my yarn 🙂  I’ve also been trying to plan a layout for the blanket, but now I think the best way would be to wait until I’ve made all of the squares and just lay them out on the bed and start playing with what looks good.

I’m enjoying it so much I’m already planning to make another one as a Christmas gift for my parents, but with a different colour palette.  Now, back to work….


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