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100 down….

… and at the moment, 20 to go.  I’m finally nearing the end of my lap blanket project that will be DP’s sister’s housewarming gift.  It’s taking a bit longer than expected, but I’ve enjoyed making all of the squares.  I’ve already started my next project, a Christmas gift for my parents, loosely based on the lap blanket project.  I’m making the same design of square, but with a larger hook (5mm instead of 4mm) and working 1 extra round, then I’ll sew them together to make cushion covers.  I’m also still looking for projects to make for christmas gifts, but it’s not so easy.

The finished squares, ready to go

The finished squares, ready to go


The pieces that will become Mum’s new cushion covers

My mum spent 2 weeks in October visiting my Grandmother while my Uncle, her full time carer, too a much needed holiday with his daughter.  While she was there Nana taught her how to turn a heel and knit in the round.  Despite her advanced years, she still has nimble fingers, and can produce lovely things from memory without a second thought.  I had made her a lapgan for when she goes out and about in her mobility scooter and she loved it 🙂  Her return gift was a small and quite fragile-looking doily that my Great-grandmother had made some 75 years ago.  It’s quite intricate, made with crochet thread and a home-made hook.  Nana tells me her mum made lots of things from her own designs, including this doily.  I’ve been trying to work out which stitches she had used in an attempt to recreate it myself, but with the stitches being so fine, it’s quite difficult.  What it has given me is the encouragement to learn more and more about crochet, so hopefully sometime I’ll have the confidence to sit and create my own designs.  My greatest wish is that one day I will have someone to pass on these skills and ideas to… until then, I’ll keep on making, frogging, remaking and enjoying some of the wonderful designs I find.

Great-granny's Doily

Great-granny’s Doily

Some of the beautiful detail from Great-granny's doily

Some of the beautiful detail from Great-granny’s doily