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So much crochet, so little time…

…and cramp! argh!

I’d being frantically working through the lapgan for my Sis-in-Law and getting frustrated, the joining is taking as long as making the squares, so I decided to put it to one side and focus on something new (a change is as good as a rest).  So I decided to re-work a project I was making for my Mum for Christmas; I’d started making cushion covers but the pattern just wasn’t sitting right, so I frogged it and made her a blanket instead, following Jennifer Ofenstein’s Strawberry ice-cream baby blanket pattern. I made it using Scachenmayr Bravo yarn in red, yellow, blue and green – Mum’s favourite colours and she loved it 🙂 Stupidly forgot to take a photo before I gave it to here though…

Christmas and New Year were a bit crazy – Christmas Eve with DP’s family, Christmas Day with my family, 3 days in France with DP’s extended family, back to Belgium for what turned out to be an amazing overnight at Martin’spa at Chateau-du-Lac in Genval (amazing place, I would highly recommend it), then back in time to shop for NYE dinner with friends. Few! It took me and my digestion about a week to get back to normal after all that food and dashing about, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So back to normal and back to crochet.

The trouble with WIP’s is that, at some point, you need to finish them. Unless you’re like me and you start new projects anyway! The Sis-in-Law’s lapgan is STILL a work in progress… it is slowly becoming my nemesis. I have almost finished joining the squares, and the backing I was crocheting has been abandoned (not enough yarn, dang) in favour of a fabric backing, which I have yet to purchase. I’ve managed to start 2 more projects since the Holidays; I would normally say I must be insane at this point, but it’s the crochet that’s stopping me from going there. If I didn’t I may have re-painted the apartment by now.

Project 1 is a lovey blanket for DP’s brother’s new baby girl, due in March. I’ve taken the granny square pattern from the lapgan and expanded it – I’m using Red Heart Soft Aran in Rose and my 5mm (H) hook to make it, I have 20 squares all ready to be joined, but I want to make some in white, too, to break up the colour a bit.

Project 2 came from our Christmas gift from DP’s Dad. DP has a reputation for be a little bit obsessed by cubes and cubing, so we received a giant one that acts as a storage box, it’s so cool. My present was 5.5mm knitting needles and enough MyBoshi super-chunky yarn to make a cushion cover for the top! It’s been so long since I knit anything that I’ve really slowed down. So far one side has taken about a week of my spare time, it’s hard going but I’m enjoying it.

The Cube

The Cube

The mess that is my WIPs - the lapgan (left) ,cushion cover (right) and the baby blanket squares (top)

The mess that is my WIPs – the lapgan (left) ,cushion cover (right) and the baby blanket squares (top)