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I’ve only gone and managed to finish 2 projects in 1 day, YEY ME!

What’s even better is that one of them is the lap rug I’ve been working on since September.  4 darn months.  It’s all blocked, all that is left is to attach the backing.  I wonder if I could use the sewing machine?



And I finally managed to make something for myself, I finished my Rondo bag too 🙂

Just for me :-)

Just for me 🙂

I realised that pretty much everything I’ve made in the last 12 months was for someone else, so I’ve been trawling through Ravelry looking for things that I like, while at the same time trying to work through my stash.  I have some yarns that I’ve had for years, I’d bought them for knitting projects but they never materialised, or the yarn just didn’t suit the project.  I’m determined to make some room in the cupboard….  It’s my birthday next week and I’ve asked for vouchers for my favourite yarn shop (see, I’m not daft) and I’m just dying to see what they’ve got in for Spring/Summer 🙂

2 down :-D

I finally managed to get a couple of projects finished, yay!  The granny square baby blanket was really easy to work up, I think it only took 4 evenings to do.  I also managed to finish the mammoth task of knitting a cushion cover for the Rubik’s Cube storage box, which I started at the beginning of January.  I’ve never knit with super bulky yarn before, so that was a new experience; towards the end, just turning at the end of each row was a chore in itself.  I’d expect bulkier yarn to work up faster than lighter yarn, but the weight of it slowed me down, I wasn’t expecting that!

So last time I had 4 projects on the go, so with 2 down you’d expect there to be 2 left, right?  Wrong!  I’ve somehow managed to increase my list once again, and I currently have 3 WIP’s and a list of another 10 ready to follow 😀  I’ve seen loads of amigurumi projects I’m just dying to make.  But before all that, I finally decided to make something for myself.  I’m going to make the Rondo Crochet Bag by Drops Design.  I have a stash of multi-coloured sock yarn just waiting to be made into something (I had originally wanted to make socks, but it just seems like too much effort).  I think I’m going to need some sort of project planning software to work out what needs to be done first though, some things I want to make have definite deadlines (Moomin amigurumi needs to be done by mid May, for example)….  problem is I have no idea how long something will take until I start it.  Hmmm….

Cushion cover – front

Cushion cover – back

The granny square baby blanket

Oh, and there’s still the lapgan to finish, harumph 😦